Carbon & Media Servicing

ProAct Services Corporation provides professional on-site carbon rebed servicing at affordable rates to satisfy our customer’s needs, ranging from small vessels to large municipal tanks. Our equipment is specially designed to vacuum out and replace spent carbon in either wet or dry applications.  We are keyed to the environmental market and stand ready to respond to your immediate needs.

For service up to 200 pounds, we provide a drum vacuum to remove the spent carbon. This device is portable enough to negotiate service in any size building or room. Over 200 pounds and under 1000 pounds, an engine powered vacuum, truck mounted, is parked near the vessel or entrance to the vessel. Spent carbon is vacuumed into a hopper on board the truck. Moisture is separated from spent carbon. Dust is contained and filtered. Applications over 1000 pounds utilize a diesel powered rig equipped to evacuate spent carbon from any large vessel. As above, the rig is positioned near the vessel and spent carbon is vacuumed into a containment hopper on board the rig. Moisture is separated from the spent carbon and replacement carbon is pneumatically conveyed back into the vessel. Dust is contained and filtered. An overhead boom is used to move large sacks of carbon onto the truck. Forklifts are available to be brought to a site if needed.

Our equipment is uniquely designed to remove and replace carbon in any style vessel with no mess, and in a timely manner. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to be clean, safe, and knowledgeable; inspecting each vessel and correcting or recommending repairs that may otherwise be overlooked. ProAct Services Corporation is committed to using the highest quality carbon to ensure maximum performance. Our service is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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