ProAct offers custom built remediation systems using durable components, proven technologies, and advanced computer controls and telemetry.

We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing remediation systems for application in a wide range of geologic and geographic locations.

ProAct has constructed systems to treat all types of contaminants including solids, hydrocarbons, mercury, iron and other metals, hexavalent chromium, chlorine, pH, PCB’s, dyes and algae.

Our environmental treatment specialists are available to assist you with design specifications to ensure the system will perform reliably and meet your clean up goals. ProAct’s remediation systems utilize state of the art design features that improve performance, maximize operational up-time and provide easy access to components for maintenance and service.

ProAct has constructed many notable remediation systems, including a $4,000,000 water treatment bioreactor at a former coal tar facility, two mobile 200 pound per day ozone injection systems for year-round operation in Alaska and numerous custom site remediation systems.

Advantages to working with ProAct:

  • ProAct Experience – Expert advice in the selection and design process means a treatment system that will achieve your clean up and operational efficiency objectives
  • ProAct Design – All system components are easily accessible and easy to maintain
  • ProAct System Check – All systems are thoroughly tested before leaving our facility and guaranteed to be in working order
  • ProAct Service Commitment – We will be there where ever and whenever you need us!
  • ProAct Innovative Technology – Our systems contain quality components that meet or exceed required standards.

ProAct Detail – Complete and detailed Operation and Maintenance Manual.

  • Complete installation, start up and training
  • Full operation and maintenance manual
  • One year limited warranty

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