ProAct Services Corporation has the most diverse and largest fleet of mobile treatment systems for water/air/soil remediation

We work directly with environmental consultants, engineers, and end users to provide mobile or fixed remediation systems. ProAct has provided systems and completed thousands of remediation projects across the US, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and South America.

ProAct has hundreds of treatment systems including Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), Air Sparge (AS), In-situ Ozone Injection Systems, Thermal Oxidizers, Catalytic Oxidizers, Carbon Adsorbers, Media Adsorbers, Ground Water Treatment Systems, Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE), Dual-Phase Extraction (DPE), Internal Combustion Engine Systems (ICE), Oil/Water Separators, Suspended Solids Removal Systems (SRS), and more.

ProAct Services mobile treatment systems are designed and built to provide the client with safe, automated operation through the use and integration of monitoring and control devices.  Systems are designed with flexibility in mind to allow integration of multiple technologies on the same site through interlocks with each system.  Computer data logging of critical parameters and remote connectivity is standard in most systems.

With offices located throughout the United States and Alaska, ProAct is staged to respond quickly to all your needs. Our professional Environmental Treatment Specialists possess extensive experience and knowledge and will assist you in determining the best solution while taking into consideration operational performance and serviceability for your project site.

Have a question or need assistance? ProAct Services is always available and offers complete Operations & Maintenance on all of its systems. And if you choose ProAct to operate and maintain the system we include a minimum run time guarantees!

Need a custom system for your sight? ProAct Services also designs and builds custom systems!

Contact a ProAct Environmental Treatment Specialist today for more details!