ProAct provides mobile groundwater treatment systems for flow rates ranging from 20 – 5000 gallons per minute. Our treatment systems are designed to treat a variety of contaminants such as Iron (Fe), Solids, Mercury (Hg), Chromium along with other Metals, Organic Compounds, PCB’s, Chlorine, and more. ProAct’s media vessels, built within our systems, can hold a wide range of materials to treat the different kinds of contaminates. Some of the materials, which can be contained in the vessels, are carbon, impregnated carbon, zeolite, organic clay, and ion exchange. Need additional equipment or accessories? We can add to any system additional equipment and accessories as needed such as hose, flow meters, manifolds, heat trace, vapor control, pumps, and more.

ProAct Services groundwater treatment systems are completely enclosed and heated for year round usage. We offer delivery, set up, startup assistance and training along with media vessel change out services. ProAct offers complete Operations and Maintenance as well with minimum run time guarantees.

At ProAct we pride ourselves in meeting discharge requirement at every job site and we are here to work with you to achieve successful clean-up of your site.

Contact a ProAct Environmental Treatment Specialist to find out more and discuss the detail of your project!