ProAct has the largest fleet of mobile Internal Combustion Engine Systems (I.C.E.) in the world. ProAct’s internal combustion engine remediation systems are excellent for treating high concentrations for hydrocarbon vapors in soil (hot sites). Because our ICE systems run on propane, site power is not required.

The units run off of hydrocarbon vapors found in the soil. After the initial start-up on propane, the carburetor switches to the soil vapor. The contaminants are combusted in the engine and emitted as CO2 and water. ProAct’s safe ICE systems have the unique feature of automatically removing water from the moisture separator. This feature allows unattended operation in situations where the soil vapor is saturated with water.

The systems are designed with a knock-out tank with particulate filter, flame arrestors, vacuum and pressure gauges, and sample ports. The system utilizes a Phoenix 1,000 controller and contains on/off switches for all components, low oil/high temperature shut down, well valve control system and interlock connections. The control system will automatically adjust the dilution air, process flow and supplemental fuel valves to maximize process flow without sacrificing safety or effluent emissions quality.

ProAct has a variety of safe ICE units, from 4 cylinder to dual 8 cylinder, available for long and short term rental and offers complete turn-key services for projects as well. And because our ICE technicians are experts in the operation and maintenance of environmental remediation engines, they keep our engine systems in excellent repair and like-new condition.

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