ProAct builds and rents high vacuum Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE) systems. Our MPE systems are capable of treating air up to 1000 CFM and water up to 30 GPM. Here at ProAct, we are able to help you in system design to provide you with the proper MPE treatment system to complete your job.

Our treatment systems our fully insulated to allow for year round use. This can be done from our thermostatically controlled heating and venting system we install in our trailers. Our systems are designed so you can remotely access the system from either your home, office, or even your smart phone. This allows for real-time monitoring of vacuum flows, pressures, and water flows. Not only can you remotely access your system, but all ProAct’s systems come with a detailed O&M manual to help you trouble shoot, keep up with easy maintenance, and safely run our MPE treatment system. Have a question or need assistance? ProAct Services is always available and offers complete Operations & Maintenance on all of its systems. And if you choose ProAct to operate and maintain the system we include minimum run time guarantees!

ProAct has successfully cleaned up hundreds of contaminated project sites within the engineers designed time frame!!

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