ProAct Services builds and rents soil vapor extraction systems (SVE). Our SVE systems are capable of treating up to 1200 CFM. Here at ProAct we are able to assist you in the design of the proper SVE system, which will suit the jobsite needs.

Our treatment systems are fully insulated to allow for year round use. This can be done from our thermostatically controlled heating and venting system we install in our trailers. And our systems are designed so you can remotely access the system from either your home, office, or even your smart phone! This allows for real-time monitoring of vacuum flows and pressures. Not only can you remotely access your system, but all ProAct’s systems come with a detailed O&M manual to help you trouble shoot, keep up with easy maintenance, and instructions to safely run our SVE treatment systems. Have a question or need some assistance? ProAct is always available and offers complete Operations and Maintenance services.

At ProAct, we are frequently asked “which system would be best for a particular project site?”  The answer depends on the site and site conditions. Regenerative blowers are typically used for high air flow and low vacuum requirements (gravel soils). Positive Displacement blowers are typically used for sandy to sandy/clay soils, and Liquid Ring Pump (LRP) and Rotary Claw blowers are used for tight clay soils. No matter the project site or site conditions, rest assured that ProAct has the right type system available. These systems are available for short and long term rental and or purchase. Need a custom system for your sight? ProAct Services also designs and builds custom systems!

Contact a ProAct Environmental Treatment Specialist for more information!