ProAct Services Corporation provides tank degassing and vapor abatement services for the gas, oil, chemical, refinery and pipeline sector.

ProAct utilizes  a variety of treatment options including Thermal/Catalytic Oxidation (TO), Internal Combustion Engine Systems (ICE), Portable Flares, Carbon Adsorbtion Systems (CAS), and Scrubber Systems.

ProAct Services Corporation’s diverse product line can handle various flow rates up to 3,000 SCFM, and our team of specialists are trained and experienced in all aspects of vapor, odor, and emissions control to ensure client satisfaction with regard to safety, compliance, and project completion results reporting.

ProAct Services Corporation understands the hazardous conditions that are created when dealing with high VOC concentrations. We’re ready to work with you to manage these vapors. ProAct Services Corporation offers degassing and vapor control services utilizing Twin Internal Combustion Engine System (ICE) with a hydraulic load, Flares, Scrubbers or Thermal Oxidizers.

Our ICE degassing systems have a burn rate up to 2.0 mmBTU/hr and flow rates up to 240 CFM and can burn 100% of LEL! This allows for a higher rate of vapor destruction and since the ICE does not require the amount of dilution air that an oxidizer would, there is less propane use and less CO2 emissions.

ProAct Services Corporation also utilizes Thermal Oxidizers systems with burn rates ranging from 1.5 mmBTU/hr to 10.0 mmBTU/hr and flow rates ranging from 300 to 3000 CFM.

For vapor control from other sources, ProAct Services Corporation offers a variety of Vapor Scrubber Systems with flow capacities of up to 1000 CFM . These scrubbers are great for odor control and treatment of vapors from sources such as API Separators, Frac Tanks, and Vacuum Trucks.

With a focus on safety, our storage tank degassing equipment is outfitted with flame arrestors, fire suppression systems and automatic safety shutdowns and is suitable for use in refineries, chemical plants and tank terminals. The units operate under vacuum from the storage tank to the degassing system, so there is no chance of a leak causing additional safety concerns. When it comes to reporting, the equipment will correctly measure the flow during the degassing event and record the data in a data logger. This data is provided to our clients in a project report, including volumes treated, contaminants destroyed, and all other necessary data required by state regulations and site specific permits.

Contact a ProAct Services Industrial Degassing Specialist today to request a quote for your current or future degassing and vapor control needs.