ProAct has provided dozens of vapor control systems for eliminating odors and capturing vapors from API Systems.  These systems range in flow rate and in size, all depending on the concentration of the constituents and amount of flow required. Our team of specialists will work with you to determine the best system for the job.

With safety in mind, ProAct Services Scrubber Systems are equipped with flame arrestors, secondary containment, pressure gauges, sample ports, and temperature gauges and are suitable for use in refineries, chemical plants, and tank terminals. Built of all stainless steel construction, the liquid scrubber tank can be used with acids, bases, diesel, and a variety of other scrubbing chemicals. The vapors enter the stainless steel liquid scrubber tank which captures and effectively (up to 99%) removes hydrocarbons and odors. The vapors then enter our stainless steel vapor phase carbon adsorbers to put the final polish on the vapors before emitting to the atmosphere.  The systems are trailer mounted and provides easy location to your job site.

Contact a ProAct Industrial Degassing Specialist today to request a quote for your current or future degassing and vapor control needs.