ProAct Services Corporation is a national leader in the on-site treatment of contaminated water.

ProAct has successfully treated water in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and South America.

Our treatment capabilities include treating water from various sources such as Hydrostatic Test Water · Tank Bottom Water · Trench Water for New Pipeline Construction · Tank Hydrostatic Test Fill/Dewatering · Dredge Water · Construction Dewatering · Storm Water, and more.

ProAct has the equipment, knowledge, and ability to treat water at flow rates of up to 10,000 gallons per minute and have treated water for Hydrocarbons, Solids, Chlorine, Dyes, Metals, Iron, Algae , PCB’s and other Chemicals.

ProAct Services Corporation customizes each treatment system for the specific contaminants, general water quality, discharge permit limits, water volume and flow rate requirements of each project. Some of our treatment techniques include Solids Filtration utilizing Geo-Tubes, Bag Filters and Sand Filters, Organics and Metals Adsorption utilizing Mixed Media Beds, Organo-Clay, Activated Carbon and Impregnated Zeolite, Resins and Chemical Injection for pH Adjustment and Polymer Addition.

ProAct provides innovative technology for water treatment such as our Solids Removal System (SRS) which is specially designed to treat this wastewater along with other applications that require pH, turbidity and TSS (Total Suspended Solids) control.

Our automated Solids Removal Systems (SRS) take the guesswork out of your treatment applications and reduce your costs on labor, oversight and chemical use.  The system is designed with PLC control and an HMI interface.  Automated operation include in line metering to monitor the influent process water for turbidity and pH. The control measures are automatically metered to adjust the dosing for pH control and up to two polymer feed systems for superior floc of suspended solids.  Solids are removed using geotextile tubes, sand filters and bag filters.  The final effluent quality is monitored through the PLC for pH and turbidity.  If these parameters fall outside of the discharge permit levels the flow of the discharge is automatically diverted back to the beginning stage of the treatment process.  This gives peace of mind and avoids costly discharge violations.

ProAct Services Corporation’s turn-key services include equipment delivery and set-up, media loading and extraction, system operation, media disposal, discharge monitoring and final project reporting.

Contact a ProAct Water Treatment Specialist to discuss your project needs and obtain a proposal.