ProAct Services works closely with dewatering contractors, dredging contractors and construction companies to treat contaminated water from Construction, Trench & Dredge Dewatering. ProAct Services Corporation has successfully completed hundreds of water treatment projects for a variety of water contaminants including suspended solids, organic hydrocarbons, PCB’s, heavy metals, lead, iron, emulsions, algae, dyes, and ultra trace mercury. ProAct can treat water at flow rates from 10 gallons per minute to 6,000 gallons per minute and water volumes of 10,000 gallons to over 100 million gallons.

And ProAct Services has created new innovative Suspended Solids Removal Systems (SRS) for these services! These systems are designed to run without constant supervision and to effectively remove solids from your water. ProAct Services SRS systems will monitor the discharge water quality continuously and can be set up to automatically shut down or reprocess the water that does not meet the appropriate discharge limitations. Not only are our systems mobile and enclosed they are quiet, which is great for sites with noise restrictions.

ProAct also provides vapor control services if odor or air emissions are a concern. Visit our Tank Degassing, Vapor & Odor Control page for more details and options on vapor control services.

ProAct Services tailors its systems for your site conditions. Treatment techniques include solids filtration utilizing geo-tubes, bag filters and sand filters, organics and metals adsorption utilizing mixed media beds, organo-clay, activated carbon and impregnated zeolite, and chemical injection for pH adjustment and polymer addition.

Contact a ProAct Water Treatment Specialist for more information and a custom quote for your upcoming project!