ProAct’s mobile metals treatment systems are designed to treat water for the removal of dissolved and suspended iron, manganese, copper, lead, nickel and zinc as well as other metals by chemical treatment and subsequent precipitation.

Our automated systems take the guesswork out of your treatment applications and reduce your costs on labor, oversight and chemical use.  The systems are designed with PLC control and an HMI interface.  Automated operation include in line metering to monitor the process water for ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) and pH.  The automated system will provide acid and caustic pH adjustment and measured dosing of metal scavenging agents and polymers to force the precipitation and flocking of these metals.  When coupled with ProAct’s SRS, the resulting precipitates and solids can be collected into onboard geotextile tubes or external sludge dewatering systems. The water goes through a final filtration of sand filters and bag filters prior to discharge or additional treatment measures.

The systems are built in an environmentally controlled and insulated enclosed mobile treatment trailer.  The automated features allow control of the system from your office, home and even from your smart mobile device. Automated communication with the system provides status and alarm notifications to operators around the clock.

Whatever the desired total volumes or flow rates, ProAct has the solution, the reputation and the experience to tackle the wastewater treatment for your project.

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