ProAct Services has a proven track record when it comes to providing the equipment and services for treating Petroleum Contact Water (PCW).  PCW can be derived from many sources.  Examples include; Condensate from underground and aboveground petroleum storage tanks, water bottoms or drawdown water, as well as hydrostatic test water and storm water.  We provide temporary piping, pumps, filtration equipment and the manpower to operate and manage any size project. Tank discharge piping and booster pumps to increase flow are also available. Water filtration can be accommodated to meet any discharge permit.

When ProAct Services provides your PCW treatment services, the following is always included; on site data collection of water depth, air and water temp, and flow rate. Visual inspection for proper roof movement, shell, chime, piping and gasket leaks. Leak markings for future repair. Digital, final reports that include data and photos from the entire project are always provided.

Contact a ProAct Water Treatment Specialist for your next Petroleum Contact Water treatment project and let us show you how our services are second to none.