Water quality is the most important natural resource we have. Companies are often faced with fines, upwards of $10,000 per day, or complete shutdown when storm water compliance requirements are not met during construction. Flocculants and/or polymers can be applied in passive, semi-passive, or active treatment systems to reduce turbidity to well below discharge requirements.

Sediment in water causes many issues including:

  • An impact to aquatic life
  • Reduced visibility and light in water column,
  • Physical abrasions of plant surfaces,
  • Complications to respiration of benthic macro invertebrates,
  • Clogged gill openings in fish
  • Entombing of eggs and fry in spawning areas
  • Changes to the chemical composition (e.g., pH, hardness)
  • Reduced light penetration
  • Changes to temperature profile

ProAct Services can resolve your storm water issues and concerns. From passive treatment, semi-passive, active treatment, to ProAct’s fully automated innovative Suspended Solids Removal Systems (SRS), we have the right system and technology! The SRS is designed to run without constant supervision and to effectively remove solids from your water. Not only are our systems mobile and enclosed they are quiet, which is great for sites with noise restrictions.

ProAct Services SRS units are designed with PLC control and an HMI interface.  Automated operation include in line metering to monitor the influent process water for turbidity and pH. The control measures are automatically metered to adjust the dosing for pH control and up to two polymer feed systems for superior floc of suspended solids.  Solids are removed using geotextile tubes, sand filters and bag filters.  The final effluent quality is monitored through the PLC for pH and turbidity.  If these parameters fall outside of the discharge permit levels the flow of the discharge is automatically diverted back to the beginning stage of the treatment process.  This gives peace of mind and avoids costly discharge violations.

With offices and equipment located throughout the US, ProAct can mobilize to your site on a moment’s notice. ProAct’s turn-key services include equipment delivery and set up, media loading and extraction, system operation, media disposal, discharge monitoring and final project report .

Contact a ProAct Water Treatment Specialist for more information!