ProAct Services provides storage tank hydrostatic test support services. These services include tank filling, tank monitoring, roof monitoring, leak checking, plumb measurements, tank empting and water treatment. ProAct has performed storage hydrostatic testing in various locations throughout the US.

ProAct Services is able to provide our customers with Tank filling from water source, Tank discharging, Booster pump to increase the fill and discharge rates, On-site data collection of water depth, Air and water temperatures. Plumb measurements, Visual inspection for proper roof movement, shell, chime, piping, gasket leaks, Leak marking for future repairs, Water filtration and treatment from our large variety of sand filter, bag filter, media vessel, our assortment of pumps and filtration systems that have been designed for this kind of jobs. All information is collected and provided in a final report at the end of each project.

Fill Water Treatment include:

  • High Flow Fill Rates
  • TDS Removal with RO
  • Solids Filtration
  • High Flow, High Purity Water

ProAct Systems are designed with redundant features and extra capacity to ensure water quality, fill rates and on time performance.

Contact a ProAct Hydrostatic Water Treatment Specialist for more information and to discuss your upcoming hydrostatic testing needs.