ProAct’s clients often need large quantities of clean water for their activities, such as tank cleaning. Other times, our clients need large quantities of contaminated water removed from a vessel or pipeline for treatment. ProAct has the equipment and expertise needed for all types of water transfer services.

We start complex water transfer projects in our Engineering Department, where a process flow diagram is generated. For especially complicated projects, a process and implementation diagram may be needed, showing each valve and fitting. This careful design phase helps head off complications before a system is even deployed.

After the system is designed, a load-out list is generated and transmitted to our Operations Department. Our equipment yards across the U.S. maintain a large stock of pumps, hoses, pipes and fittings needed for large and small, simple or complex water transfer jobs. What we do not have in stock, we will rent from one of the suppliers with whom we have close working relationships.

Once the equipment for a job is loaded, one of ProAct’s drivers will haul the equipment to your site. We maintain a large fleet of trailers to get our equipment and crew to your site quickly. We know that time is of the essence and will load and drive on weekends or holidays if needed to meet your needs.

At the site, our Site Superintendent or Site Supervisor will meet with your on-site representative. They will conduct a walk-through to ensure everyone thoroughly understands the project needs and goals. We maintain clear and frequent communication during the entire project.

After the site reconnaissance, ProAct field staff will hold a safety meeting. Safety is first among our five core values. We hold and record safety meetings daily and at the start of each shift to meet our number one goal: no accidents!

After the safety meeting, our crew unloads and assembles the water transfer system. On most jobs this includes pumps and hose or piping, fittings, and containment. Other equipment we often provide includes generators, light towers, road crossings, manifolds, filters, flow meters, and redundant pumps. We will provide everything needed for the transfer job. If we can’t provide a water transfer service or component, we have standing relationships with subcontractors who will.

After assembly, the system is carefully pressure tested before starting the job. Any component damaged during transport or assembly will be replaced. We only proceed after verifying that everything is proven to be safe for people and the environment.

Once pumping starts, our experienced crews can work around the clock if needed to meet the project goals. As pumping proceeds, our crew frequently walks the entire system to ensure all components are working properly. We record flow rates or other parameters as the customer desires. Most importantly, we remain in constant contact with other on-site workers and contractors so our activities are a coordinated part of your entire project.

Even when our workers return to their hotel rooms, they continue to work on your project, writing Daily Reports and anticipating the next day’s needs. We aim to make every project run smoothly and safely.

Demobilization is carried out with the same care as mobilization. Back at the yard, everything is checked and, if needed, repaired. This is one way we ensure our yards remain orderly and our equipment remains in good condition, ready for swift deployment to the next customer’s work site.

Contact ProAct for your next water transfer job. We can handle it seamlessly from start to finish. We will give your job the professional treatment it deserves throughout the entire process.