ProAct Services Corporation was founded in 1994 with the mission to innovatively provide environmental air and water treatment solutions with exceptional service guided by prideful workmanship, superior concern for safety, and commitment to client satisfaction. Since then, the company has expanded its service offerings from environmental remediation to include on-site water treatment, industrial degassing & vapor control, suspended solids removal systems, metal treatment, pilot studies, and carbon servicing. ProAct operates offices in the Midwest, Gulf Coast, and on the East Coast and has installed equipment across the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas and Colombia, South America.

ProAct’s first mobile remediation systems were built for rent. ProAct currently has the largest rental fleet of environmental treatment equipment in the world, with an $18,000,000 inventory of over 300 trailer and skid mounted treatment systems. Our machinery is rugged and reliable, with run-times of greater than 90%. We guarantee our equipment!


In 1996, ProAct added mobile on-site water treatment services to support the petroleum and product pipeline industries. Using particulate and carbon filtration technology, ProAct’s Water Treatment Specialists can treat water at flow rates up to 10,000 gallons per minute. From pipeline hydrotests to construction dewatering and dredging, ProAct can treat for solids, hydrocarbons, mercury, iron and other metals, hexavalent chromium, chlorine, pH, PCB’s, dyes and algae.

ProAct purchased its first Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) system in 1996 for use on gasoline contaminated soil sites. Our ICE technicians are expert in the operation and maintenance of environmental remediation engines, keeping our engine systems in excellent repair and like-new condition.


Vapor emission control (tank degassing) services emerged as an extension of our ICE experience. ProAct uses twin 8 cylinder ICE systems specifically designed for storage tank emissions control. We also have scrubber systems and thermal oxidizers available for all emissions control applications. Our technicians are fully trained for safe work in refineries, chemical plants, and tank terminals.


In 2010 ProAct developed its first fully automated and enclosed construction and dredging water solids removal system. The equipment is enclosed in a 52 foot heated box trailer, and is capable of operating at a flow rate of 350 gpm. The system continuously monitors turbidity and pH, and adjusts polymer and flocculent addition to match the solids loading in the water. Operator time is minimal compared to componentized treatment systems. ProAct is currently in the process of building its 12th automated SRS system and has expanded its design to units capable of 1,000 GPM.

ProAct has constructed several comprehensive remediation systems. Noteworthy projects include a $4,000,000 water treatment bioreactor facility at a former coal tar facility, two mobile 200 pound per day ozone injection systems for year round operation in Alaska and numerous custom site remediation systems.


In 2013, ProAct established a permanent presence on the east coast in New Jersey through the acquisition of Acqua Bella, a company specializing in carbon servicing and metals treatment. ProAct and Acqua Bella share similar values, complimentary knowledge and expertise, which has in turn created new synergies for the company moving forward.


ProAct expanded its industrial degassing services to the east coast, with equipment, permits, and operators in New Jersey, ProAct is bringing its valued reputation in the degassing market to this region. ProAct Services opened its Florida branch office in the summer of 2015. With this, ProAct has expanded its service capability to include Storm Water Treatment.

ProAct’s success is built around the exceptional quality of its systems, the most highly trained treatment specialists in the industry, and an excellent safety record. Take advantage of ProAct’s experience to make your next project a success.